All of the components for our shutters, including screws, are manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel to withstand the harsh coastal elements and hurricane force winds. Our blades are extruded to a thickness of .040 inches. The Bahama and Colonial shutters are expertly designed and engineered to meet the requirements of the nation’s toughest building codes.

bahama-shuttersBAHAMA SHUTTERS

Providing privacy, sun control, weather protection and security, Bahama Shutters are not only functional but attractive for all residential and commercial applications.

OPERATION – Bahama Shutters will include a continuous, reversible, extruded aluminum header as a top-hinged mounting device. Shutters can be opened by a supplied telescopic adjustable arm, or fixed arms to project out to a maximum angle of 44 degrees.



colonial-shuttrsEye-appealing, Colonial Hinged Shutters provide the durability to withstand hurricane-force winds.

OPERATION – Hinged shutters shall be mounted on aluminum hinged hardware to swing closed and lock securely by means of an aluminum horizontal lock bar. Shutters shall be held back in the open position with a specially hidden designed locking device.

All of our shutters are available in an excellent selection of standard colours.

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